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Canopy tours is on the move

It’s been a fun 3 years but the time has come to move onwards and upwards and Canopy Tours Headquarters is moving to a new location.

Bigger, more convenient for customers and to the forest and heaps more parking we have purchased some land at the entrance to Rotorua – pretty much opposite Skyline Rotorua.

What will it mean ?– it will mean more space for customers, more parks, better coach access, higher-profile and less travel time to the forest which means we can add more capacity to meet those peak time demands….

We should be in there by 1 November….

Night Tours

We trailed night tours last summer which went really well with excellent feedback but we also learnt a few lessons. The main one being visitors want to see the forest by daylight too. So this summer we are going to combine the best of both worlds and offer TWILIGHT TOURS.

These tour departures depart Rotorua around 7pm ensuring that the forest is seen in daylight and then night slowly surrounds the groups in the 2nd half of the experience.

If you want more information just email Nicki – it’s an awesome night time activity for visitors to Rotorua.



A quick summary – It’s our long term dream to restore the entire forest, to have kaka and kereru and bellbirds as constant companions on the tours. So far we have spent $70,000 restoring 50 hectares. This winter we are restoring another 50 hectares and over the next few years we hope to have 500 hectares under control.

And we tell the customers all about it, we show them the results and thank them for their contribution, because afterall – they are paying for it.

We are only just scratching the surface of the potential of this project. We simply haven’t had the resources to keep on top of the interest and opportunity it is generating. So watch this space….but in the meantime have a look at www.forestrestoration.co.nz which gives a bit of background to the whole thing and it’s certainly something environment-minded groups have been wanting to see.

Forest Restoration efforts by Rotorua Canopy Tours

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