After spending 4 years living in Canada, Johs has now become a part of our guiding team. Along with being a great canopy guide, he has also captained a New Zealand sports team and is the partner of Elsy, another guide/receptionist. Johs hails from the far North (Kerikeri) and growing up, always wanted to be a mountain guide.


Natasha is the first staff member we have had who has been able to communicate with another species… She had a pet budgie who could talk! She also had 2 older sibling and the 3 of them were always up to no good. But Natasha has always had a knack for wanting to help people, and grew up dreaming of being able to heal people by working in medicine. She has also learnt some amazing skills in her life, such as sewing and knitting. Maybe ask her to knit you something for the upcoming winter!


Kris is a great problem solver as (amazingly) he is able to solve a Rubix Cube in under 1 minutes. He has also always had an interest in sports and activities. His dream was to become a professional sportsman or a coach when he grew up and still loves playing in a diverse range of sports. One of his favourites being Disc Golf! As a proud father, Kris hopes to one day coach his own daughter, Kyra in any and every sport possible.

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