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Cruise Ship

For a group activity no one will forget…..ever

Rotorua Canopy Tours is proving to be a very popular group activity. Perhaps it is because it is new, perhaps it is because it is so much fun, perhaps it is because it is so unique, whatever the reason it’ is worth investigating to see if we can meet your group needs.

We’ll give you an experience that is special, memorable and your own.  We can cater for groups up to 40 with no fuss, and larger groups are also possible with a few logistical adjustments.

Teams naturally bond when they are all stuck at heights up to 22 metres above the ground, all encouraging each other to walk off down the steps to nowhere and fly like a bird high above the forested valley floor. The laughter and fun is infectious and will keep the office lunchroom talking for weeks on end. Particularly when all the photos we provide as part of your package are distributed around.

So whether it’s a work function, a conference, a hen’s party, a directors meeting, a social club outing, your netball team or a kid’s birthday we can cater for all and give you something special.

Group Activity - Rotorua Canopy Tours

If you are interested in a quote for your group please send us an email at and we will tailor something to meet your requirements.

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