Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship passengers and Rotorua Canopy Tours

Rotorua is located approximately 1 hour inland from the Port of Tauranga where all cruise ships dock for the day.

Our tours take three hours so there is plenty of time to fit in a Canopy Tour into your day.

Getting across to Rotorua is easy. There are numerous providers of transport or you can hire a vehicle and drive yourself. It’s an easy and scenic journey.

If you want to see pure untouched New Zealand you need to spend some time with us – the forest we take you to is exactly how the first humans to arrive on this land would have found it. You will have the bragging rights when you return to the ship and talk to your fellow passengers.

If you want we can arrange a quote for you that includes transport and we can organise a Canopy Tour time that suits your requirements. The chances are there are others on your ship that have already enquired and we have transport in place for them already.

Either way we will find a solution to assist you in getting across and experiencing the ONLY zipline canopy tour in New Zealand in virgin pristine native forest.

So send us an email –

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