Our New Zealand zipline adventure activity is the experience of a lifetime. It’s a magnificent environment we’ll take you to – a long forgotten ancient forest just like the whole of New Zealand once was. But we have a very fun way of moving through it – a low impact mode of transport to get you high in the ancient canopy!

Considered by TripAdvisor users as an ‘Adventure activity with a brain,’ we hold the lead position for the best outdoor activity in New Zealand.

How the tour works…

  • Once you arrive at our base and the front office team have checked you in, our down to earth kiwi guides will come and meet you. Our guides are highly skilled and experienced, some having taken over 1000 tours!
  • Depending on the weather, your guides will kit you out with warm clothing (like hats and gloves) and wet weather gear if needed click here to see how we keep you warm and dry. We advise that you wear one more layer than you think is necessary, also closed toed shoes are a must!
  • Just a 10 minute van ride and you will arrive at the Dansey Road Scenic Reserve – get ready to forget about the real world for a couple of hours! Your guides will share fascinating New Zealand eco-tour knowledge with your group (of up to 10 people maximum).
  • At the first platform, your guides will give you a safety briefing and then your off – exploring through our native forest on 1.2km network of Rotorua ziplines, swingbridges and treetop platforms.
  • In total there are 6 ziplines totalling more than 650 metres, the highlight for most being the jawdropping 220 metre tui song zipline that departs from 22 metres up a 1000 year old tree. Beat that for a setting!
  • The tour includes 2 treetop swingbridges – the longest suspended a full 50 metres. Click on the interactive map at the top of the page to see where the ziplines will take you during your Canopy Tour.
  • There are numerous treetop platforms at varying heights above the forest floor where you can observe and take in the magic of the environment you have been transported to.
  • Your trusty guides will be clipping you on and off all of the safety systems during your tour, your guide will even slow you down as you arrive at each platform. You will not be required to operate any of the equipment on the tour, safety is our number one priority at Canopy Tours. This allows you to enjoy the ziplines and take in the magical native forest.


Sounding good so far? Click on the links below to learn more about Canopy Tours.

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