The Canopy Tour is an excellent adventure all year round – rain or shine. The main rule is as long as you are warm, you will absolutely love it so there is no better time than this summer to visit us. Fly through the lush and healthy rainforest as the birds are nesting in the trees below. The ferns carpet the forest floor in summer and rainfall brings everything to life.

So whenever you come, whether summer or winter – if it’s wet or cold we have the clothing to keep you nice and warm and dry!!

We will give you some super high quality clothing to keep you warm and dry plus we encourage wearing gloves and beanies (warm hats) which we also provide.

Some customers tell us afterwards the vivid memory for them was how the freshness of the air filled their lungs and rejuvenated them! And if it’s raining even better – the forest sparkles in the rain!

Sometimes it takes a little arm twisting from us to convince people that it is magnificent on the cooler days or the wet days but we have never had anyone ever come back and say they wish they hadn’t gone!!! In fact we have had Rotorua locals who came on sunny days only to return on wet days to see how the forest changes!

Here’s a post straight from our TripAdvisor page by Arnaz23 who visited us in July 2016.

“…The rain was completely pouring down on us but we still had a lovely time because Canopy Tours provided us with equipment that kept us from getting drenched (fleece jumpers, raincoats, pants, gloves, helmets etc…) and it gave the forest a different feel. Thanks!! :D”

So what you need to know if coming in the cooler winter or spring months:

  • Dress warm – if you’re warm you’ll love it whatever the weather. If you appear a little under prepared we will make sure you are wrapped up warm with our jackets, gloves and beanies (warm hats)
  • Cool, damp spring mornings and late afternoons are magnificent in the forest
  • We will provide wet weather gear if required – Rain jackets and leggings but generally these are not required as the forest is incredibly sheltered.
  • Wear a warm hat under your helmet if you want (we can provide these)
  • Good thick socks are recommended
  • Bring a keen sense of adventure!!


Drop us a line at for more information.

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