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Looking to reinvigorate your staff with team building activities, reward them for work well done, improve company culture, improve productivity, create a dynamic working team and do you want to get them out of the office environment and somewhere new, neutral and inspiring. The Rotorua Canopy Tour is in many respects the ultimate team building activity for many reasons. Ideally we like team building groups of 6 – 20 people, but would we would still like to talk to you if you have more.

Whatever your motivations for wanting to get the team out here, there are a number of things the team will go through on the tour.

  • For many it is the first time in a native forest like this – the environment will inspire them
  • We like to say you see all emotions on this tour – some laugh, some cry, some tremble, some giggle but what is great about it, is it all happens together as a team – everyone cheers each other on and your team is forced to spend 3 hours with each other – many stepping outside their comfort zone.
  • Your staff will be forced to learn about each other, talk to each other and encourage each other along the way
  • The tour will mentally stimulate them when they see the conservation programme underway and be inspired by it’s successes.
  • The guides encourage lots of friendly banter amongst the group, test their knowledge on things within the forest and generally aim to create a great vibe amongst the group.

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