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After a year of development – the Rotorua Canopy Tours NIGHT tour is ready for you!!

It is outrageous. It’s dark, it’s peaceful and will leave a grin so big you won’t be able to knock it off for weeks.

Starting 1/2 hour before dark we’ll escort you on a journey where the forest will fall asleep around you, and you’ll find yourself high in the Canopy among the engulfing blackness of the night.

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It’s unnerving to say the least – stepping off the platforms where your vision only stretches 40 feet in front of you and heading at high speed into the pit of black. This is an edge of your seat tour, with plenty of adrenalin and lots of peaceful moments to soak it all in.

To read a first hand experience click here

Flying through the big wide open valleys allows you to capture your surroundings under a moonlit night, or equally awesome the quiet drizzle of a rainy evening, while the ziplines running through the canopy understory surround you in total darkness.

This is a truly awesome adventure to take your partner, your family or for a group of friends.

Very limited spaces so be sure to get organised and book early.


  • The tour lasts 3 hours and you will finish at around 11pm
  • Only 10 people per tour
  • We only operate the night tour on Wednesdays and Saturdays until March 2015
  • You need to be of reasonable fitness level and capable of walking 1000 metres in steep terrain.
  • Minimum age of 13
  • Maximum weight of 100kg
  • You need to dress warm and wear closed toe footwear
  • Price is $159 per person – CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW  or call toll free 0800 22 66 79.

Frequently Asked Questions (click on question to see answer)


[accordion_item id=”1″ title=”How dark will it be?”]It will still be reasonably light on arrival in the forest and will gradually turn into darkness within the first half hour. Depending on the cloud cover and moon it could become pitch black faster – all the more exciting![/accordion_item]

[accordion_item id=”2″ title=”Are there lights?”]You will be equipped with lighting equipment and be given full instruction on its use. Lights have been installed throughout the tour route to offer you different perspectives of the forest at night.[/accordion_item]

[accordion_item id=”3″ title=”How safe is it at night?”]Just like the daytime tour – you must follow all instructions from your guides whose first responsibility is your safety. The guides trained to guide the night time tours are the most experienced in the company.[/accordion_item]

[accordion_item id=”4″ title=”Are there spiders?”]Yes – there are. In-fact there are all kinds of native creatures that emerge at night that you will meet. Think of it as part of the fun![/accordion_item]

[accordion_item id=”5″ title=”Is it as good as it sounds?”]Yes – we have spent a year developing this tour and have given huge thought into making sure this is more than just ziplines in the dark. There are plenty of surprises and excitement that we would rather keep secret until you are on the tour.[/accordion_item]

[accordion_item id=”6″ title=”I want to do it but Saturdays and Wednesdays don’t work”]If you have a group we can put on an exclusive departure for you any night of the week, subject to our staffing availability. Please contacts our Groups Manager Nicki at to enquire.[/accordion_item]


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