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Canopy Tours Image Gallery

Set in stunning native New Zealand forest, Canopy Tours is a zipline experience like no other!
Adventure in Rotorua
Ellie enjoying the freedom of flying through the forest
Beautiful New Zealand
Phil and Amy enjoying the incredible scenery 12 metres above the forest floor.
Challenge yourself
Phil posing for one of the free photos take by the guides on the last swing bridge
They made it to the end with big smiles on their faces, looks like they had fun!
Conservation Project in New Zealand
Gary our Conservation Manager shows customers a DOC 200 stoat trap in action.
Explore New Zealand
Every tour is taken by two of our experienced kiwi guides, here is Alex and Dan heading down the 220m zipline
Family Fun
Popular with couples, family groups, work groups and solo travelers - Canopy Tours caters to everyone.
Fun on the Final Zipline at Rotorua Canopy Tours
6 ziplines allow your confidence and fun factor to increase as you relax.
Gift ideas for my parents
The first tree base platform you’ll fly into on the Canopy Tour.
Guided Eco Tourism
Our guides are there for you every step of the journey.
Nature at its best
On rainy days the forest takes on a special sparkle you’ll be privileged to experience.
Zip lining is a real buzz, especially when it is in such stunning native forest!
Nature in New Zealand
People can’t believe how quickly 3 hours passes such is the total immersion in the experience people feel.
North Island Robin come to visit often, some are cheeky enough to come and eat a bug off your hand!
New Zealand Scenery
Lee and Ocean surveying the view. All plant and tree species on the tour you won’t see on any other country on earth.
Hand feeding one of our friendly resident North Island Robin.
present for parents
If you look upwards you get you see the amazing array of life that perches and fights for light and water in the Canopy.
Rainy day activities
Rain or shine the experience is simply awesome.
So much fun in Rotorua
Ocean waves goodbye as she departs from 22 metres up a 1000 year old Rimu tree.
Pacific Geckos have been spotted by customers while on zipline tours
Great fun, even in the rain!
The perfect day in Rotorua
Lee give the thumbs up as he sets sail for the trees in the distance.
What to do in Rotorua
Young or old the experience is suitable for everyone – a 93 year old holds the record!
Perfect activity to do with the whole family
Ziplines in Rotorua
Great balance of fun, nature and a bit of learning.
Going backwards down the ziplines is a real thrill!
If you are feeling adventurous you can try this while out on tour, ask your guides to show you how its done
The guides teach you about the conservation work they do in the forest while on tour.
Take your own camera and this is the selfie you might get.
Georgia's favorite is the 170 meter 'plight of the Kakapo' zipline!
Age is not problem – over 100 people aged over 75 have completed the tour – they it makes them feel young!
Before you head down our longest zipline, enjoy standing high in an ancient Rimu tree 22 meters off the ground.
Our guides are there to give you a hand every step of the way!
  • Adventure in Rotorua
  • Beautiful New Zealand
  • Challenge yourself
  • Conservation Project in New Zealand
  • Explore New Zealand
  • Family Fun
  • Fun on the Final Zipline at Rotorua Canopy Tours
  • Gift ideas for my parents
  • Guided Eco Tourism
  • Nature at its best
  • Nature in New Zealand
  • New Zealand Scenery
  • present for parents
  • Rainy day activities
  • So much fun in Rotorua
  • The perfect day in Rotorua
  • What to do in Rotorua
  • Ziplines in Rotorua

Our favourite guests Go Pro videos

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Flying through Forest

We love watching this family as they zipline, make sure you look out for the blue mushrooms in their video they are amazing!!

Fun with friends

Wow, they look like they are having so much fun, smiles from ear to ear! We love a good selfie at Canopy Tours!

Soaring like a bird

Check out this group showing us their best bird expressions while ziplining! They had a load of fun at Canopy Tours!

Rocking it on the zipline

Rock music and zipling what’s not to love – this video comes out on top for sound track and scenery!

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