Summer is here and the forest is well awake from its winter slumber.

While the cooler, damper winter months are stunning times to be in the forest things begin to change through spring and into summer.

The sun is day by day rising higher into the sky and shining for longer and longer triggering a myriad of changes in the many species that call the Dansey Road Scenic Reserve home.

New growth is visible on the many plants now and flower buds are swelling in anticipation of a flurry of life and colour in the green sea of the bush.

The Birds are singing their sweet songs of jubilance in anticipation of a time of plenty and Robins, Tomtits, Grey Warblers are nesting bringing tiny versions of themselves into the world.

It is a time of new things, things not seen or heard from over the winter which are now awakening and thriving. What an amazing place full of life greets people entering our slice of paradise.

Every day the forest becomes lusher and noisier, full of life and colour.

Tomtit at Rotorua Canopy Tours - Spring Tours

A Tomtit gets close to a tour group high in the canopy on the Rotorua Canopy

New Zealand North Island Robin during a  Rotorua Canopy Tours Spring Tours

A curious North Island Robin gets in close to the tour participants


Photos taken by customer Zara Tansley of Australia – 6 September 2014 on tour with Rotorua Canopy Tours.

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