Every tour is magical, however the forest is most beautiful in the rain and early mornings or late afternoons. Tours times vary depending on the time of year. Click here to see our tour timings and availability.
We have a maximum weight of 120kg. There is no minimum weight, however we need to know at time of booking if any children weigh less than 35kg. There is a minimum age of six years old and no upper age limit (our oldest so far was 93!) Children (15 years and under) must be accompanied by a responsible adult (16 years or over).
We pride ourselves on being able to offer an experience almost anyone can enjoy. If you can comfortably walk 1km you will be perfectly fine to take our tour.
Perfect – you have a lot to gain from doing this tour. Our kiwi tour guides pride themselves on their ability to help people achieve beyond what they thought possible, your two guides are there to support you the whole way through the journey. The tour slowly builds up in height and at all times there is the option to stop, but in most cases people’s fears subside within the first hour as the safety systems, their guides’ professionalism and the encouragement of the rest of the group put them at ease. Click here for a few tips from our guides that will help you conquer your fear!
Safety rules above all else in our business. Rotorua Canopy Tours (is fully compliant and independently audited under the Adventure Activities Regulations 2011 and Outdoorsmark.
We consider ourselves to be leaders in the industry with our systems, culture, attitude and policies to safety. Click here to learn more about safety at Canopy Tours.

How Safe is Rotorua Canopy Tours? Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Yes we operate in all weather conditions, with very few exceptions. In fact, the forest is at its most beautiful in the rain. At all times you will remain warm and dry as we supply high quality wet weather gear and warmer outer layers if the conditions require it. Click here if you are wondering what you should wear on your Canopy Tour.
The forest is usually a few degrees colder than it is in Rotorua and can get quite frosty in the winter, we recommend a warm pair of socks and one more layer than what you are comfortable in outside. We can supply you with high quality wet weather gear and an extra warm outer layer, click here to see what clothing we can provide you. Closed toe footwear is a must.
Just let us know at the time of your booking where you would like to be picked up from – all of our tours include a complementary pick-up and drop-off from any central Rotorua location if required.
How do I get to Rotorua Canopy Tours? Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Check in time for your Canopy Tour is 15 minutes prior to the tour departure time stated on your booking confirmation. This allows us time to check in and get you into your ziplining harness. Please allow 3 hours for your tour (from the time you arrive at our headquarters until you return).

If you have asked for a complimentary pick up and drop off please allow an extra 15 minutes.

Yes, bring your camera and take as many pictures as you can, but you will need to ensure it can be secured by a strap or in a zip pocket. Be aware if you drop it we might not be able to get it back! We do not take any responsibility for camera damage.
If you don’t have your own camera, hire a GoPro to take on your tour, click here to find out more.
We would love to see your photos and videos please tag us! #rotoruacanopytours
Yes, we highly recommended pre-booking to avoid disappointment as spaces are limited. Weekends, school holidays and public holidays are our busiest times. But even if it is last minute in a busy period please contact us or check for availability online here.
There is a maximum of 10 customers per tour, this way we keep it small and personal. It may be made up of families, couples, individual travelers – whatever the case our guides do a great job of creating a team dynamic and turning strangers into friends very quickly. We can also cater to large groups of more than 10 people, or book exclusive tours. Click here if you would like to learn more or enquire about a group booking.
We require a minimum of two people on a tour for it to be a confirmed departure. This is usually not a problem if you are concerned about minimum numbers please contact us.
No problems –We offer exclusive tour options for families, work incentives, special occasions and larger groups. Click here to learn more or make an enquiry about a group or exclusive booking.
Over 100 people aged over 75 have completed the tour and the eldest was a suited 93 year-old man called Lewis who came with his 87 year-old sister Shirley. Everyone tells us it makes them feel young again.

Am i too old to do Rotorua Canopy Tours? Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

No – we operate in a wilderness area and the access routes between platforms are unmarked. There is a high risk that spectators will get disorientated and lost in the forest. In addition to this, there are no vantage points, so spectators are unlikely to be able to see you. We do not take any responsibility for people who are not on our tour.
Just by being on the tour, you are already contributing to the conservation effort, as part of your ticket price goes towards the programme to restore the beautiful forest and remove all introduced pests. Click here to learn more about Conservation at Canopy Tours.
20% of the forest is now predator free thanks to our conservation programme. So keep an eye out for Robins, Kereru, Tomtit, Tui, Bellbirds and Kaka. Click to learn more about the birds that call our forest home.
The dream is to restore the eco-system to the one Captain James Cook discovered on arrival to New Zealand – full of loud bird chorus.
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