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Are their any weight or age restrictions?

There run two different tours that have different restrictions, please see below for the restrictions for each tour:

The Original Canopy Tour:

  • Maximum weight limit of 120kg.
  • Minimum age of six years old. There is no upper age limit – so far our oldest customer was 93! 
  • Children (15 years and under) must be accompanied by a responsible adult (16 years or over).


The Ultimate Canopy Tour:

  • Maximum weight limit of 120kg.
  • Minimum age of ten years old. There is no upper age limit.
  • Children (15 years and under) must be accompanied by a responsible adult (16 years or over).
How physically fit do I need to be?

We pride ourselves on being able to offer an experience to almost everybody. Our two ours require different levels of fitness.

The Ultimate Canopy Tour

  • Can you play a 18 hole round of golf on foot?
  • Would you be comfortable going for a half day forest walk or hill walk?
  • Can you walk up 6 flights of stairs unassisted without stopping for a break?

…If you answered Yes, it sounds like your ready for the Ultimate tour. If not, check out the Original tour it might be a better suited to you.


The Original Canopy Tour

  • Can you play a 9 hole round of golf on foot?
  • Would you be comfortable going for a 1 hour forest walk or hill walk?
  • Can you walk up 3 flights of stairs unassisted?

…If you answered Yes, it sounds like the Original tour is perfect for you. 


Still have questions about your ability or fitness, please contact us prior to making your booking.

Which tour is for me?

The Original Canopy Tour is our flagship and has won many awards. To date over 150,000 people have been thrilled, challenged and inspired by it’s wonders. We suggest it for:

  • Families
  • Those with even a hint of anxiousness
  • First timers
  • Most New Zealanders (do it and return for the Ultimate another time)
  • Those of lesser fitness (click here to see out fitness tester)


The Ultimate Canopy Tour is a step up and totally achievable for almost anyone who can complete the Original Canopy Tour.
We suggest it for those who:

  • Have done the Original Canopy Tour 
  • Those who have ziplined elsewhere
  • Visitors to New Zealand who are short of time and looking for the ultimate activities to tick off.
  • Those who think that it looks awesome and are up for it immediately
I have done ziplines before - why zipline here?

It’s true, ziplines aren’t unique – but here at Rotorua Canopy Tours they are your transport into an environment that you would never other wise get to experience. There are so many moments on our tours that you simply can’t experience elsewhere in the world. For a start every tree, bird and plant species you will see is only found in NZ! We don’t know anywhere else you can hand-feed wild native New Zealand birds, stand 25 metres up ancient Rimu trees and peer down at the famous silver fern or contribute to a large scale forest conservation project simply by having fun!

Let’s not forget our guides; we guarantee you New Zealand men and women locals whose sole focus is to ensure you have an amazing experience with them!

So to sum it all up – this is a genuinely Kiwi experience only available here – in Rotorua, New Zealand.
But don’t let us tell you….click here to here from Gloria who has ziplined in Thailand and Hawaii and see what she had to say.

Okay – this looks fun? But am I too old?

Well let’s cut to the chase – the answer is NO, you are never too old.

In fact we specialise in making people feel young again! So whether you are 50 or 100 or somewhere in between – if you are reasonably fit, (see the ‘how physically fit do I need to be?’ question above) a Canopy Tours experience is achievable for you. So bring your partner, hang out with the grand kids or get a group of mates together from the golf club, walking club or the Rotary club. But don’t let us tell you – Click here to here what our customers have to tell you about their experience!

P.S. Our oldest male was 93, oldest female 92.

Why should I visit in Winter?

Fair question – sure in summer you have to wear less warm clothes but don’t let that fool you. Winter in a native forest in New Zealand is an incredible time. The smell of nature clings the air, the damp forest sparkles with greens and the cooler fresher air makes you wonder when the last time you felt this alive was. (all our photos in this website were taken in the middle of winter)
But we understand our guests don’t want to get cold so we invested in the best outdoor clothing money can buy for you to wear – it keeps you dry, warm and toasty, so you can lose yourself in the moment rather than worry about chattering teeth. But we do advise you bring thick socks and extra layers – you can never be too warm.

Click here if you are wondering what you should wear on your Canopy Tour.

What if its raining?

Well, it’s definitely more beautiful in the rain – the forest sparkles and for the most part you are sheltered under the canopy in our amazing rainwear we let you borrow. If you come and it’s raining, don’t worry, embrace it and you will love every minute. If anything – it adds to the adventure. Some of our customers have come back a second or third time just to get the rainy day experience!

If it is forecast to rain, we will gear you up in full wet weather gear to keep you warm and dry while on your tour.

Click here if you are wondering what you should wear on your Canopy Tour.

I’m afraid of heights – will I be able to complete the tour?

Perfect – you have a lot to gain from doing this tour. Our amazing kiwi guides pride themselves on their ability to help people achieve beyond what they thought possible, your two guides are there to support you the whole way through your journey. The tour slowly builds up in height and at all times there is the option to stop, but in most cases people’s fears subside within the first hour as the safety systems, their guides’ professionalism and the encouragement of the rest of the group put them at ease.

Click here for a few tips from our guides that will help you conquer your fear!

Do I need experience?

No. Our guides do all the work – you relax sit back and enjoy. This experience is passive – our guides do all the work including slowing you down into platforms and making you crack up at their jokes.

When do the tours leave

We run multiple tours every day, click here to see tour times and availability.

Can I bring my own camera?

Yes, yes yes!! Please do not forget to bring your camera!

Take as many photos of this amazing adventure as you can. Bringing your camera is at your own risk, we recommend ensuring that your camera has a strap that you can attach to yourself or can be kept in a zip pocket.If you have a GoPro, bring it! You will get some amazing footage, we recommend a helmet mount/ head strap, wrist mount or selfie stick. Don’t forget to charge your batteries before coming on tour.

If you don’t have your own camera, hire a GoPro to take on your tour, click here to find out more.

We would love to see your photos and videos please tag us! #rotoruacanopytours

I don’t have any transport – how do I get to Rotorua Canopy Tours base?

Just let us know at the time of your booking where you would like to be picked up from – all of our tours include a complementary pick-up and drop-off from any central Rotorua location if required.


What do I need to wear?

The forest is usually a few degrees colder than it is in Rotorua and can get quite frosty in the winter, we recommend a warm pair of socks and one more layer than what you are comfortable in outside. We can supply you with high quality wet weather gear and an extra warm outer layer, click here to see what clothing we can provide you. Closed toe footwear is a must.

How many people are on a tour?

There is a maximum of 10 customers per tour, this way we keep it small and personal. It may be made up of families, couples, individual travelers – whatever the case our guides do a great job of creating a team dynamic and turning strangers into friends very quickly. We can also cater to large groups of more than 10 people, or book exclusive tours.

Click here if you would like to learn more or enquire about a group booking.

How safe is it?

Safety rules above all else in our business. Rotorua Canopy Tours (is fully compliant and independently audited under the Adventure Activities Regulations 2011 and Outdoorsmark.
We consider ourselves to be leaders in the industry with our systems, culture, attitude and policies to safety.


I have a special occasion and want something extra or I don’t want strangers on my tour.

No problems –We offer exclusive tour options for family groups, team buidling, special occasions and larger groups.

Click here to learn more about a group bookings.

How do I contribute to conservation?

Just by being on the tour, you are already contributing to the conservation effort, as part of your ticket price goes towards the programme to restore the beautiful forest and remove all introduced pests.

Click here to learn more about Conservation at Canopy Tours.

Can people come and watch me?

We do not all spectators to come view people on the tour. We operate in a wilderness area and there is no access between platforms are unmarked. There is a high risk that spectators will get disorientated and lost in the forest. In addition to this, there are no vantage points, so spectators are unlikely to be able to see you. We do not take any responsibility for people who are not on our tour.

Do I need to pre-book?

Yes, we highly recommended pre-booking to avoid disappointment as spaces are limited. Weekends, school holidays and public holidays are our busiest times. But even if it is last minute in a busy period please check for availability online here.

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