Ziplining in the rain with Rotorua Canopy Tours

Rotorua attracts people from all over the world to visit the city full of geothermal, culture and adventure activities. Rotorua Canopy Tours is Rotoruas top outdoor activity that consists of a 3 hour ziplining and conservation tour through New Zealand native forest.

Hazel was a recent customer that visited Rotorua Canopy Tours all the way from London. She took some time to write a Trip Advisor review about her experience ziplining in the rain. However, this didn’t stop her from experiencing this eco-tour in our native forest.

Here’s what Hazel had to say about her ‘fantastic’ experience ziplining in the rain with Rotorua Canopy Tours.


The tour groups are no more than 10 people with two very proficient, friendly & enthusiastic young guides. You can be picked up and dropped back at your accommodation. First stop is at the office on the outskirts of Rotorua where you check in, get geared up and given preliminary instructions.


Ziplining in the rain with Guide Paul

Loving the Ziplining in the rain! Credit: Moerangi Vercoe – Rotorua Canopy Tours

It was pouring with rain on the day, but we were given waterproof trousers and jackets. It kept raining throughout the tour but the gear kept me bone dry.

Hazels Top Tips for Ziplining in the rain:  

Tip #1: The last chance to use a toilet for several hours is at the office!

Tip #2: If it’s raining, pull your hood up over your helmet at the start of the day otherwise you risk pulling a puddle of water over your head and down the inside of your clothing if you leave it until later!!

Once we had our gear on we were driven about 15 minutes to the forest where the tour takes place. 

Throughout the activity, Rebecca and Jesse (our guides) paid constant attention to our safety. We always had two attachments attached to the safety wires. Instructions (& encouragement) were given at each different zipline.  

This was my first time ziplining, as it was for most of the group. The first zipline was quite scary, but I still enjoyed it and by the end of the second zipline my knees had stopped shaking! 

Ziplining in the rain from the Rimu Tree

The magical view from the Rimu Tree when Ziplining in the rain!

Along the course we had the benefit of hearing from Rebecca and Jesse about the conservation work that Rotorua Canopy Tours puts a lot of work in to support. 

“It was a wonderful morning and the rain just seemed to make the forest even more beautiful.”

During the activity, two individual photos and one group photo are taken free of charge off their website for three weeks. If you don’t have your own GoPro, you can hire them at the front office where you can relive the experience. I hired one and certainly don’t regret doing so.

A fantastic morning! I would love to zipline with Rotorua Canopy Tours again.

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