Silver Fern Swing Bridge - Original Canopy TourHighest Platform - Original Canopy TourConservation Trail - Original Canopy TourHighest Zipline - Original Canopy TourThe Ultimate TourThe Original TourFirst Swing Bridge - Ultimate Canopy TourRocky Knob - Ultimate Canopy TourLongest Zipline - Ultimate Canopy TourControlled Decent - Ultimate Canopy TourStart Point

Silver Fern Swing Bridge - Original Canopy Tour

Get a photo on the Silver fern swing bridge

Highest Platform - Original Canopy Tour

Test your nerve 22 metres up an ancient Rimu tree

Conservation Trail - Original Canopy Tour

Learn about conservation at Canopy Tours

Highest Zipline - Original Canopy Tour

Fly 45 metres above the ground on the zipline

The Ultimate Tour

The ultimate way to experience prehistoric New Zealand forest, and a whole new reason to visit us.


The Original Tour

Experience an ancient forest up close and personal.


First Swing Bridge - Ultimate Canopy Tour

Look out over the gulley, enjoy the view!

Rocky Knob - Ultimate Canopy Tour

The Rock Knob will be the highlight of your tour!

Longest Zipline - Ultimate Canopy Tour


Woo-hoo! Longest zipline - 400 metres long

Controlled Decent - Ultimate Canopy Tour

Adventure to the end - 18 metre abseil

Start Point

This is where it all begins