Capture your experience on a Gopro video camera

Hire a Gopro Video Camera and capture your experience!

Get a Gopro video camera and have video to relive the tour and share your experience with friends and family. Gopro video camera allows you to enjoy the moment without having concentrate on taking a photo with a big clunky camera. The hire includes mounts and harnesses so you can wear your camera, all you need to to is look at what you want to film. its that easy!


During your tour the guides will capture photographs of you which we will provide online to download for free. However, by capturing your tour on a GoPro Video Camera  you can add to this unforgettable adventure. Your experience will be captured with a 360° view of the beautiful, native forest. What better way to show your family and friends what they are missing out on!

For only $49 you will be able to record your entire Rotorua Canopy Tours experience and we will give you the 8GB SD card with your   footage to take home with you.

To be sure there will be a GoPro video camera waiting for you before your tour contact us now so you don’t miss out as we have limited availability.


Check out this customers amazing GoPro footage:

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