Visiting Goodnature – Experts in New Zealand Conservation

Written by – Ana Smith

Goodnature is a company that design and manufacture automatic and self-resetting traps that humanely kill pest animals. Goodnature are based in Wellington, New Zealand and recently I went and visited their Head Quarters to meet their team and see what Goodnature are doing for conservation in New Zealand.


Sean from Goodnature counting animals caught by Goodnature traps at Rotorua Canopy Tours. Credit: Rotorua Canopy Tours.

When I arrived at Goodnature the team were all outside eating ice-cream, playing ball games and just enjoying a sunny afternoon. I met Sean O’Brian who spent the afternoon showing me around. Sean manages sales in New Zealand for Goodnature and often visits us at Rotorua Canopy Tours.

Goodnature started 13 years ago by, Stu Barr and Craig Bond, Robbie van Dam, who studied together at Victoria University. They wanted to create a trap that could automatically reset. They knew that the biggest challenge in conservation in New Zealand was controlling the numbers of invasive animal predators. After two very different prototypes and three months of testing, the Goodnature possum trap was born. They started making these traps in their garage, fast forward 13 years they have a big office and a factory on the outskirts of Wellington city and have a vision for New Zealand to one day be pest free.




Goodnature’s A24 self-resetting rat trap. Credit: Goodnature.

Goodnature now have two main products on the market, the A12 Possum trap and the A24 Rat Trap, which is the most popular trap especially for backyards. Traps are powered by a compressed CO2 canister. When the animal sets off the trigger within the trap a pin is fired into the animal’s head, killing it before it drops to the ground. The spring within the trap resets the pin, the traps can be reset up to 24 times (A24) and are the only traps like it in the world. What is so great about these traps is that they can be placed in your very own backyard, and are safe if you have cats and dogs or birds in your garden!





Goodnature’s new automatic lure pump. Credit: Goodnature.

In the Goodnature factory, the team assemble the self-resetting traps and lures from scratch. Everything is made to order and the team now assemble over 1000 traps every week! Goodnature have recently launched a rat trap stand. This can be used where there is no tree of wall to attach the trap to, making is easy to use in all types of properties. The automatic lure pump is another new product, the lure pump delivers fresh lure (bait) automatically for 6 months. The product development team are constantly working hard to ensure trapping is easy for everyone in New Zealand, and around the world.


Sean with the Rotorua Canopy Tours team and animals from phase three of the Rotorua Canopy Tours trapping programme. Credit: Rotorua Canopy Tours

This amazing company are doing wonders for New Zealand conservation. Goodnature are involved in conservation projects from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island. This includes involvement with Rotorua Canopy Tours and the Canopy Conservation Trust. Rotorua Canopy Tours currently has 700 Goodnature traps in the Dansey Road Scenic Reserve which will increase to approx. 1000 traps once phase four of Rotorua Canopy Tours trapping is complete. Aiming to have this phase complete this winter, close to 250ha will be under pest control.

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