Top 5 things to do in Rotorua during the School Holidays

During the school holidays we need to keep our kids entertained. Luckily, Rotorua is full of fun things to do for our kids. We have come up with a few ideas of awesome things to do in Rotorua with your children during the school holidays. They will entertain your kids and yourself while having a whole load of fun together!

1. Experience an optical illusion at the 3D Trick Art gallery 

The 3D Trick Art gallery is the newest attraction to Rotorua. Some of the Rotorua Canopy Tours team went to check it out and they thought it was really fun and amusing! It is the first trick art gallery in New Zealand with 50 artworks and 5 different themes. The gallery is open 7 days a week from 9.00am – 10.00pm. The paintings were done by professional 3D painters and they were created with an optical illusion. It took the Rotorua Canopy Tours team members about an hour to go through the indoor gallery but in a larger group it would take longer. The trick art will also encourage your kids to think of creative ways to take photos with the paintings. Your kids could pose as one of the All Blacks playing rugby, as a penguin at an iceberg or with New Zealand nature.


Photo: Pip and Nicky, Rotorua Canopy Tours team members being penguins at the 3D Trick Art Gallery. Photo Credit: Rotorua Canopy Tours

Where to find it: It is located in centre of the tourist hot spot in Rotorua. The 3D Art Trick Gallery is situated on Fairy Springs Road, opposite Rainbow Springs Nature Park.

2.Create, hide and find Rotorua Rocks

Rotorua Rocks was inspired by the latest craze going around New Zealand in an attempt to spread happiness and uplift others. Your children can be entertained by creating colourful and creative rocks, painting whatever they like on them. The rocks can include your child’s name and age or a family nickname. They can then be hidden around Rotorua and other rotorocks can be found. If #rotorocks is written on the rocks, they can be identified with the group if they venture around New Zealand. Join the Facebook page to get updates on where you can find other rocks or let others know where you and your children have hidden them.

3. Zipline with Rotorua Canopy Tours 

Bring your kids along on an exciting but educational experience with Rotorua Canopy Tours. This 3 hour experience will take you and your children ziplining over trees through New Zealand native forest. The guided tour is suitable for kids over the age of 6 years old. Children can either go tandem with an experienced guide or they can zipline solo. Not only do you experience flying above the canopy, you and your children also get to learn about the history of the forest and what native animals and birds can be seen and heard. This experience will make for a great holiday story to share with your children’s school friends and teachers when school returns.


Photo: Two young boys with their Dad on the 500 year old Rimu tree platform. Photo Credit: Rotorua Canopy Tours

Where to find it: Rotorua Canopy Tours is located at 147 Fairy Springs Road. There is a large ziplining sign outside so you shouldn’t miss it!

4. Walk the Puarenga Walking Trail

On the days when you need to take the kids to get some fresh air, take them to the Purarenga walk that passes through native forest. Puarenga walk is found behind the Waipa sawmill where parts of the walk ventures through forests of ponga trees. The ponga trees are spectacular, they are so historic that the trunks have woven into one another, creating some amazing shapes. The walking track takes around 30-40 minutes to complete.

Where to find it: Puarenga walk is located on Waipa Bypass Road. Keep driving until you pass Planet Bike on the left hand side of the road. At Forestry Road turn onto the gravel where the beginning of the Puarenga track begins.

5. Create your own Tracking Tunnel for the backyard

Children can easily make their own tracking tunnels at home. Tracking tunnels are used to determine if there are any rats or mice living in backyards. The tracking tunnels can be made by using basic materials around the house. The kids can then check and relocate the tunnels around different locations in the backyard. You can read the Rotorua Canopy Tours blog on how to make a tracking tunnel here. Or you can watch the step by step video of Ana making a tracking tunnel below.

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