Rotorua Canopy Tours extends conservation trapping

Rotorua Canopy Tours are pretty excited to say that we are getting geared up for the third phase of our conservation trapping programme as part of our Eco Tour in the Dansey Road Scenic Reserve. We will be trapping another 100 hectares of native forest, helping to protect the amazing creatures that call this forest home.

Rotorua eco tour trap being set

Back in 2012 the Dansey Road Scenic Reserve was a quiet place, that came alive at night; but not in a good way. The forest was crawling with possums and rats and unfortunately this meant that our native species we not doing very well at all. We started our trapping programme in 2013 after saving up $35,000 from our first year running zipline tours we were able to purchase 1100 traps and these we placed out into 50 hectares of the Scenic Reserve where our Eco Tour is located. Within a couple of weeks over 800 animals were caught and the birds and insects slowly started returning to this safe area of the forest.

Rotorua eco tour animals caught

The way we were trapping in 2013 worked, but as the traps were all manual it was really labour intensive and was not sustainable for the company. In 2015 we pulled out all of the manual traps and replaced them and an additional 50 hectares with Goodnature automated traps. This proved incredibly successful and it shows, having some amazing finds in early 2016 including a rare striped skink and more recently pacific geckos hanging out in our Canopy platforms. We have seen such amazing success in the restoration of the forest and are super excited to see what else we are going to find in this forest the more extensive our trapping programme becomes.

Rotorua eco tour trap map

In October 2016, we completed the third phase of trapping which extended to the western end of the Dansey Road Scenic Reserve. We placed around 400 A12 possum and A24 rat Goodnature traps out into the forest creating a larger ‘safe zone’ and allowing for another successful spring breading season.

During 2017 we will be completing the trapping on the eastern (Rotorua) section of the forest. Check out the Canopy Conservation Trust website for more information on the trapping programme and its progress.

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  1. Sue Edmonds says:

    While in NZ in Oct/Nov 2012 we had the pleasure of going on one of your Canopy Tours and had a fantastic time. Can remember the walk through the forest and mentioned to the guide how quiet it was, compared to back home in the UK. He explained about the problem with the rats and possums and how you had just started placing the traps around. Glad to hear your hard work is paying off. Keeping my fingers crossed we will be visiting you again soon to see for ourselves 🙂

  2. Michaela says:

    Very cool! Keep up the good effort!

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