Rotorua Canopy Tours Guide – Kris joins the ‘1000’ Club

We caught up with Kris last week who is one of our fantastic Rotorua Canopy Tour’s team members! He told us what it’s like being a Rotorua Canopy Tours guide, why he loves his job and the new milestone he has reached after two years of hard work. 

Kris started working at Rotorua Canopy Tours two years ago as a tour guide. When you start as a guide you start as a tail guide (at the back) and over time progress to lead guide (front guide) and senior guide where they help train and look after the new guides coming through. Kris is now worked hard enough to become a senior guide. Everyday is different for our guides, they could be lead guide one day or tail guide the next.



Photo: Kris – our newest Rotorua Canopy Tours guide to join the ‘1000’ club. Photo Credit: Rotorua Canopy Tours

As a guide at Rotorua Canopy Tours, Kris gets to guide our canopy tours outside through New Zealand native forest. To top it off, he gets to experience the 3 hour tour with customers via ziplines and walking bridges.

After two years of taking customers from all around the world zip lining through native forest, Kris has now guided 1000 tours! He joins our other guides Cam, Shane, Gary and Dan in the ‘1000′ club! Kris will receive an $1000 reward to spend it how he likes, but using the money to experience something he wouldn’t have done otherwise. Kris has heard a lot about the South Island from customers on his tours but he still hasn’t had the chance to explore it all. With Kris’s reward money he is going to make the trip down South to see more of what our beautiful country has to offer.


Photo: Kris with fellow Rotorua Canopy Tours guide Pip and their customers standing on the 22m Rimu tree platform. Photo Credit: Rotorua Canopy Tours.

Kris has two young daughters that keep him on his toes. He loves spending time with his girls going on adventures along with his wife, Haylee. They like to get out and about Rotorua and experience all the adventure activities that Rotorua has to offer. Kris and his family like to spend time at one of our spectacular lakes or at Redwood Forest.

Kris has a lot of memories from his time working at Rotorua Canopy Tours. His best memories are all of the exciting staff functions the team do every couple of months. The most recent staff function we did was on Lake Rotoiti sailing around with Pure Cruise. We sailed around the lake while enjoying each others company and enjoying a delicious dinner. This particular staff function involved the finals of our annual Cornhole Championship. Kris was in the semi-finals but was beaten by guide Dan. Moe, our front office superstar took home the winner’s trophy along with the bragging rights.


Photo: The Rotorua Canopy Tours team with the dead pests from phase three of the conservation programme. Photo Credit: Rotorua Canopy Tours

Kris has been involved in our trapping programme at Dansey Road Scenic Reserve. The programme is working to get rid of the pests that are killing our native birds. Along with the other team members, Kris walked the trapping lines of phase three of the trapping programme. They picked up the dead rats and possums that were killed by the traps.

Since working at Rotorua Canopy Tours, Kris has become more involved in the conservation. He even decided to do his part at home. Kris purchased a Goodnature trap and put it in his own backyard to see if he could catch any rats. This turned out to be successful as Kris has now caught three rats already! Awesome stuff Kris!

Check out Kris’s video about why he loves being a Rotorua Canopy Tours guide.

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