Rotorua Canopy Tours Guide Interview with Rebecca!

Rebecca is one of our awesome, enthusiastic and energetic guides at Rotorua Canopy Tours!

Starting in November 2015, Rebecca has been well known ever since for her distinctive laugh and her not so serious photos! We caught up with Rebecca to see what she does in her spare time and how she is enjoying working as a Rotorua Canopy Tours guide.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Okoroire but no one knows where that is, so I say Tirau or ‘Tiwow’. It’s pretty much got the wow factor. It’s known for having the big corrugated sheep and dog. If you blink you have been through it, but it is an awesome place to stop for a quick coffee mid road trip.

rotorua-canopy-tours-guide-rebeccaPhoto: Guide, Rebecca enjoying a work outing at Black Water Rafting in Waitomo. Photo Credit: Rotorua Canopy Tours

What’s your favourite part of the tour as a Rotorua Canopy Tours guide?

My favourite part of the tour is seeing the change in people who are really nervous to go down the first zipline. By the time they are at the last zipline they are leaning out over the edge of the platform or even going upside down. AND, can’t forget the van ride back to the HQ, that means it’s either lunch time or I can go for a run or a bike!

Have you been involved in any of the conservation projects at Rotorua Canopy Tours? 

I helped set up the traps in October last year for phase 3 of the conservation programme. We went around the forest with backpacks full of Goodnature traps and drilled traps to the trees. It was really cool to be involved in the programme as it was the first time I had ever done something like that.

What do you do in your spare time?

I’m a bit weird and I like to exercise in my spare time. You will find me training or competing in running, cycling or mountain biking. I also enjoy hanging out with friends for coffee and a catch up.

rotorua-canopy-tours-guide-rebeccaPhoto:  Rotorua Canopy Tours guide, Rebecca, competing in a road cycling race at the Rotorua Bike Festival. Photo Credit: Alick Saunders 

What goals are you currently working towards?

My first goal is to get canopy star of the month. Each month a staff member is nominated for doing something awesome in the workplace so I am going to keep being awesome to get my name on the wall. I am also working towards getting into Police College at the moment. It is a long process, so between work and training I am chipping away at it. Sporting wise, my ultimate goal is to compete at the NZ elite cycling nationals in January.

How much training do you have to do to become a guide? How much ongoing training is there?

There was heaps of initial training to become a guide and has been ongoing ever since. The senior guides that initially trained us were awesome. They taught us the basics and made sure we completed the training guide assessments to a high standard before we started guiding. We also have full team training’s every month. All of the guides go up to the forest for 2-3 hours to go over situation’s that may arise. The most regular training we do is fortnightly training, which we do at the HQ with another guide.

You are well known for taking a great photo, what’s your go to photo face?

My go to photo face is anything that isn’t a “normal” photo; I can’t do straight face photos. I even wrecked our family photos a few years ago by pulling inappropriate signs and faces in every single photo.

rotorua-canopy-tours-guide-rebecca-at-hobbitonPhoto: Rebecca’s ‘serious face’ with a hobbit hole at our latest staff function visiting the Hobbiton Movie Set. Photo Credit: Rotorua Canopy Tours

You and your twin sister Sam, have both been guides at Rotorua Canopy Tours. What was it like working with your identical sister? 

Well I am the better one out of us for everything, even guiding! It was pretty funny working with each other because no one could tell us apart. The look on customers faces when we introduced ourselves as their guides for the tour was priceless.

What’s your favourite thing about living in Rotorua?

There is so much to do in Rotorua especially if you are into the outdoors! There are hundreds of trails to go mountain biking or running and also so many lakes to play in aswell. Another awesome thing about Rotorua is that it’s so central to things like the beach and the snow.

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